Lesley Paone
Lesley Paone I develop applications in the e-commerce market space, I am also a co-founder of the open source e-commerce application thirty bees

Break In

Break In

Last week when I was minding my own business working on a project, a guy had different designs for me. He decided that he wanted to break into the toolbox on my truck. I guess unlucky for him all I have in my toolbox is some bags of cat food and charcoal I bought at a going out of business sale for a grocery store.

I can only imagine how mad my feral cats would be if he had taken the cat food, luckily enough for them he left empty handed. I did get a video him doing though, which to me is a fun watch.

What makes the situation even more ironic, or worse, is that after he left my house, he drove a little way down the street and broke into my neighbors truck as well. Because of the angle of the other camera, I have that on tape as well.

If anyone is wondering, I have an Ezviz camera system, it is the 1080p model. I thought it was a good system, but in the dark (when crime usually happens) the detail is just not there.

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