About Lesley

To be quite frank, I spend too much time working and not enough time on what interests me. That is why I have started a blog about what I want to write about and explore. I want to branch out, get more hobbies, and share them with the world.

The last decade or so I have been consumed with my work at dh42, then several of us started thirty bees together. This has not left much free time for me. I am either fixing bugs, writing articles, or trying to seal deals with most of my time these days. Not leaving much time to actually live life.

I think this has become a problem, I can see my drive and my good humor decreasing. I have a feeling that opening a few new doors and spending less time in front of a computer will help this.


One of the things that interests me is banknotes. Something I am likely to write a few posts about every now and then, as my collection of notes from around the world grows.

Another that I have taken a likeing to here recently is growing things. It started off with a few succulents, that has migrated into me trying my hand at growing a garden.


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